Saturday, April 2, 2011


Here are some cakes from various celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries and a baby shower. Cake is good for any occasion!

Love is in the Air!

Here is a sampling of some of the cakes that we have been working on lately. Some of them are fake, some are real. Can you tell the difference? Fake cakes are made out of Styrofoam and covered in fondant or buttercream and decorated to fit your needs. They are a great new way to have a cake for those who like to have the cake just as a decoration at their reception. Don't worry the top tier is real so that you can still do the traditional cutting of the cake. Fake cakes start at around $150 depending on what you want. We will deliver the cake and then come back and pick it up at the end of your reception.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Simple Elegance

My little sister got married a few weeks ago and we were able to make her a beautiful cake. WE had fun with this cake because the bottom 2 tiers are fake. They are just Styrofoam squares covered in fondant. It turned out better than we had expected and kept getting rave reviews all night.

I had lunch with a friend last week and she told me how her son was sad that we weren't eating the big cake because he really wanted to eat one of the big chocolate dots.

If you are looking at cutting costs the styrofoam can help you with your small budget. You get the beautiful cake without having to pay for all of it.

Green Cake

WE had the pleasure last week do make a gorgeous green wedding cake. It was fun to make a cake that wasn't your traditional white wedding cake. It turned out really nice, and the brides mother told me it looked wonderful after they added the flowers. Hopefully we'll get a pic of the flowers and we'll post it when we do.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Wedding

In November we did another cousins wedding cake. She wanted it small and offset. It turned out quite nicely. It was funfetti cake with Raspberry mousse filling and buttercream icing.


The end of September and October bring a lot of birthdays for our families. Here is the cake I made for my Grandma. It turned out really cute.

The next one is a fun one I made for my sister. She spent 6 months working at Disney World as a photopass photographer. She got a really cute picture of her on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom holding the balloons that people are there selling. I thought it would be fun to recreate that picture.

Another sister had a birthday and here is another fun cake I made. Not only was it cute, it tasted really good. I used a Strawberry cream cheese mousse.

In November it was my nieces 1st Birthday. Our family loves Disney and we do lots with the princesses so it was only fitting to make her a carriage for her smash cake. She really enjoyed it and it was great fun to watch her throw her face into the side of the cake!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1st Wedding

Our first cake was for our cousin/sister. It turned out quite well. This one was all real, we can do fake tiers to keep the price down.